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Dr Jampa Yonten

Tibetan Medicine

Dr Jampa Yonten

15th Jan, 2024

The Healer’s Council: A Deep Dive into Tibetan Medicine with Dr. Jampa Yonten

In this episode of The Healer’s Council, Jim engages in a detailed conversation with Dr. Jampa Yonten, a Tibetan physician and author of a book titled, ‘Compassion as Remedy in Tibetan Medicine’. The conversation provides insight into Dr. Yonten’s transformation into a healer, the history of Tibetan medicine, and the structure of its fundamental text, The Gyushi. The episode highlights the qualities of a good healer and elucidates on the interplay of karma and determination in manifesting one’s purpose.

00:00 Introduction to the Healer’s Journey

01:30 The Role of Wisdom and Compassion in Healing

01:57 Guest Introduction: Dr. Jampa Yonten

04:25 The Path to Becoming a Healer

12:45 The History and Evolution of Tibetan Medicine

26:24 The Significance of the Physician Chapter

28:14 The Transformational Journey of Medical Training

28:32 Understanding the Six Vows of a Physician

32:44 The Four Tantras of Gyushu

37:48 The Determination and Sacrifice in Becoming a Healer

43:18 Exploring the Qualities of a Physician

43:35 Closing Remarks and Preview of Next Episode

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