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Richard Katz Ph.D.

Richard Katz Ph.D.

The True Nature of Healing

Richard Katz Ph.D.

02nd Feb, 2024

In this very moving episode, we delve into a heartfelt and in-depth conversation with Richard  Katz, Ph.D., as we explore his personal journey from academia at Harvard to fully immersing himself in the world of indigenous healers. Katz shares his thoughts on what healing constitutes, the importance of retaining personal authenticity and vulnerability, and the role that institutional agendas and reputations play in healing professions. He shares his experiences and insights from working with indigenous healers across Africa, India, the Pacific, and the Americas. A central theme is the idea that the essence of true healing isn’t esoteric or exotic, but rather rooted in simple, ordinary human experiences and interactions. We discuss the concept of ‘synergy’ and the creation of a healing environment underpinned by abundance.

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