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Dr Jampa Yonten

The Qualities of A Healer – Intelligence

Dr Jampa Yonten

15th Jan, 2024

This conversation delves into the profound aspects of Tibetan medicine, emphasizing the central role of compassion, wisdom, and spirituality in healing practices. Dr. Jampa Yonten, a Tibetan physician, discusses the unique approach of viewing patients with compassion rather than arrogance, seeing them as equals striving for happiness and freedom from suffering. The conversation highlights the significance of cultivating intelligence, humility, and spiritual practice for healers, drawing on principles from Dr. John’s book ‘Compassion As Remedy in Tibetan Medicine.’ It touches on the necessity of understanding the patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions, as well as the importance of lineage, protectors, and deep-mindedness, which allows for a more profound diagnosis and treatment approach. The script underlines that Tibetan medicine is not just a physical practice but an intertwined spiritual journey, aiming at helping healers to develop personally and spiritually while providing more effective care for their patients.
00:00 The Essence of Compassion in Healing
01:07 Introducing the Healers Council
02:14 Exploring Compassion As Remedy in Tibetan Medicine
03:07 The Six Prerequisites of an Eminent Physician
05:25 Broad Mindedness: A Deep Dive into the First Type of Intelligence
21:41 Stable Mindedness: Balancing the Mind for Effective Healing
33:40 Deep Mindedness: The Profound Aspect of Intelligence
38:26 The Role of Lineage and Protectors in Tibetan Medicine
50:10 Concluding Thoughts on Compassion and Tibetan Medicine

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