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Lewis Mehl-Madrona MD PhD

The Power of Stories to Heal

Lewis Mehl-Madrona MD PhD

19th Sep, 2023

Listen in as we navigate the compelling landscape of stories and their profound impact on healing. Our guest healer passionately shares insights into the concept of the Default Mode Network in neuroscience and its activation when we daydream, which leads us into the intriguing discussion on Dialogical Self Theory and Therapy. As we unravel the ways in which we construct self-theory from stories, we consider how to shape better, more constructive narratives as opposed to destructive ones. In an interesting contrast, we explore how narrative therapy differs from CBT.

Further on, we delve into the fascinating field of brain plasticity, constraint-induced movement therapy, and the mirroring effect our brains have on the world around us. As we discuss how societies often prioritize immediate gratification over delayed gratification, we look at the possibility of counteracting pro-inflammatory stories with anti-inflammatory ones. Lastly, we cast a critical eye on the capitalistic healthcare system, discussing its transformation into a transactional entity, and its subsequent effect on burnout and emotional well-being. Join us as we question, learn, and provoke thought on the power of stories in healing.

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