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Shaking Medicine: The Keeneys

Shaking Medicine: The Keeneys

17th Apr, 2024

Please join us for this enlivening, entertaining, and inspiring discussion with renowned healers and academicians Hillary and Bradford Keeney PhDs. Brad has been initiated into several indigenous traditions and is the subject of a book titled “American Shaman.” We discuss healing, ecstatic transformation, and embracing a life filled with sacred ecstasy and passion. The Keeneys, with backgrounds in shamanism, psychotherapy, and academia, emphasize the transformative power of ecstatic experiences, heart-focused healing, and the non-traditional paths that lead individuals to become healers in the 21st century. Hillary and Brad share insights into their journeys and practices, illustrating how they infuse their healing work with creativity, spirituality, and celebration of life’s vastness. The Keeneys also challenge contemporary healing practices by advocating for a more joyful, passionate, and mystical approach to life and healing.

00:00 Exploring the Essence of Healing with Sufi Wisdom

01:04 Introducing the Healers Council: A Journey into Wisdom and Healing

01:24 Spotlight on Hillary and Bradford Keeney: Pioneers in Healing and Transformation

07:39 Brad Keeney’s Journey: From Science to Shamanism

22:41 Hillary’s Path: Zen Buddhism to Ecstatic Healing

34:35 Brad’s Encounter with the Kalahari Bushmen: A Turning Point

40:39 Exploring Ecstatic Healing and Awakening

42:57 The Transformative Power of Ecstatic Experiences

44:52 Bridging Traditional Healing with Modern Challenges

47:50 The Journey from Fear to Passion in Healing

50:30 The Role of the Healer: Beyond the Conventional

01:02:31 Addressing Burnout with Ecstasy and Excitation

01:10:21 Integrating Sacred Ecstasy into Modern Healing Practices

01:17:02 Concluding Reflections and Future Directions


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