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Lonny Jarrett

Nourishing Our Destiny, Classical Chinese Medicine

Lonny Jarrett

01st Oct, 2023

In this intimate conversation, Lonny Jarrett, an internationally recognized authority on the practice of Five Element Acupuncture, shares his insights on the journey of a healer. He describes his spiritual awakening and the transformative impact it had on his life and practice, acknowledging the courage and faith it takes to truly serve as a healer. He discusses the integral nature of healing, emphasizing the responsibility of healers to transform suffering into compassion and wisdom. Lonny also reminisces about his lifelong mentorship with Leon Hammer, his own contributions to Chinese medicine in the West, and his decision to wind down his practice. His journey culminates in the essential lesson that everybody is a teacher and that our humanity is a vital aspect of the healer’s journey.

00:00 Introduction to the Healing Journey

01:40 The Healers Council: A Conversation with Lani Jarrett

07:39 The Path to Becoming a Healer

09:10 The Role of Chinese Medicine in Healing

13:03 The Importance of Self-Cultivation in Healing

17:12 The Three Levels of Medicine

25:57 The Integral View of Healing

40:27 The Role of Healers in Society

44:00 The Responsibility of Healers in the Modern World

47:43 Creating a Group of Thought Leaders

48:41 Understanding Integral Medicine

50:19 The Role of Courage in Healing

50:58 The Bodhisattva Vow and the Motivation to Make Things Whole

51:58 The Journey of Awakening and Self-Realization

54:30 The Struggle with Ego and the Path to Development

59:10 The Spiritual Path and Working with What Is

01:00:22 The Importance of Being Ready and Facing the Reality of Aging

01:00:58 The Transition Period in Practice and the Importance of Self-Compassion

01:06:58 The Journey of Becoming a Healer and the Influence of Teachers

01:15:45 The Passing of Leon Hammer and His Influence

01:25:39 The Future of Healing and the Importance of Collective Growth

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