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Margaret Wheatley PhD

Margaret Wheatley PhD

20th May, 2024

Embracing Leadership and Healing Amidst Global Collapse: A Conversation with Margaret Meg Wheatley

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In this episode of the Healers Council, join us for an in-depth conversation with Margaret “Meg” Wheatley, a distinguished advocate for human spirit leadership. Margaret discusses the terrifying and inevitable stage of global collapse, emphasizing the immense suffering and death it brings. As an acclaimed speaker, teacher, and consultant, she underscores the need to invoke people’s inherent generosity, creativity, and community to navigate these challenging times. Meg delves into her experiences and teachings, highlighting the importance of seeing reality clearly, committing to meaningful work, and reclaiming leadership in a way that strengthens relationships and fosters healing. She also touches on her Warriors for the Human Spirit program, which trains individuals to act with compassion and insight in the midst of turmoil. Through a blend of historical perspectives, Buddhist teachings, and practical advice, Meg offers a compelling roadmap for healers and leaders seeking to serve others and create islands of sanity in a collapsing world.

00:00 Navigating the Collapse: Insights and Inspirations

01:20 Introducing Meg Wheatley: A Journey of Leadership and Healing

05:52 The Essence of Wisdom in Healing and Leadership

07:32 Facing Reality: The Challenge of Seeing Things As They Are

10:26 The Healer’s Path: Strengthening Connections and Embracing Wholeness

18:58 The Prognosis of Our Civilization: A Call to Warriorship

28:09 Restoring Sanity: Practical Steps for Healers in a Collapsing World

36:19 Leadership and Vulnerability: Embracing Our Role as Healers

38:33 Embracing Organizational Collapse: A New Leadership Paradigm

39:25 The Power of Acceptance in Leadership

41:04 Redefining Purpose Amidst Doom and Gloom

42:07 The Warrior’s Perspective: Service Over Optimism

44:09 The Journey of Continuous Self-Improvement

49:23 Healing and Leadership: A Call to Action

59:03 The Essence of Joy in Service and Healing

01:05:54 Concluding Reflections: Hope, Integrity, and the Path Forward

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