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Lee Mason – Integral Theory

Lee Mason – Integral Theory

09th Jul, 2024

Integral Theory: A Map for Understanding Our World, Our Work, and Ourselves

In this conversation with Lee Mason, we explore the integration of Integral Theory into healthcare. Lee describes how the Integral map provides an elegant and understandable map that helps us better understand ourselves and our world. By understanding the different perspectives, stages, lines, types, and states, we can navigate the apparent complexities of our work in an increasingly diverse world. The Integral map provides a very practical tool that can become an important foundation in our work as compassionate and wise healers.

00:00 The Evolution of Scientific Perspective: From Bacon to Modern Wisdom

00:42 Introducing the Healers Council: A Journey into Modern Healing Wisdom

01:19 Lee Mason’s Integral Healing Journey: From Physical Therapy to Integral Theory

01:47 Exploring Integral Theory: A Comprehensive Framework for Healing

02:38 The Personal Journey: Lee Mason’s Path to Integral Healing

10:58 Understanding Integral Theory: Quadrants, Intelligences, and Levels

28:45 Applying Integral Theory to Healthcare: A Holistic Approach

47:27 Levels of Development and Spiral Dynamics in Healing

57:56 The Evolution of Societal Worldviews

59:08 The Birth of Scientific Revolution and Industrialization

01:01:43 Rise of Equality Movements and Woke Culture

01:04:11 Emergence of a New Level of Awareness

01:08:55 Exploring the “Colors” and Values of Different Levels

01:20:44 Understanding Personality Types and Their Impact

01:27:29 The Significance of States in Integral Theory

01:39:44 Applying Integral Theory to Healthcare and Personal Growth

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