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Erika Cappelluti MD PhD

Integrative Medicine; Changing Ourselves and The World

Erika Cappelluti MD PhD

30th Jan, 2024

Join us for this enriching conversation with the seasoned healthcare professional Dr. Erica Cappelluti, who shares her journey from a research scientist to an esteemed figure in integrative and holistic medicine. Discussing the importance of self-care, maintaining balance, and seeking help in healthcare professions, she emphasizes the need for softness and compassion in what can often be a relentlessly demanding field. Dr. Cappelluti also elaborates on the transformational programs of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, the unique offerings of its fellowship program, and the exciting prospects its new doctoral program brings. By providing a profound perspective on patient-centered care, holistic healing modalities, and the power of community in health and wellness, this conversation manifests the vibrant potential of a healthcare system deeply rooted in empathy and connection.

00:00 Introduction and Importance of Self-Care in Healthcare

01:29 Exploring Wisdom in Modern Healthcare

02:16 Introducing Dr. Erika Cappelluti : A Journey of Professional Growth

05:36 Dr. Erica’s Personal Journey to Becoming a Healer

07:25 The Shift from Laboratory to Medical Community

12:43 The Intensive Care Unit: A Unique Experience

22:22 The Transition to Integrative Medicine

30:17 The Power of Community in Integrative Medicine

36:02 The Unique Interprofessional Nature of the Fellowship Program

36:34 Emphasis on Self-Care in the Fellowship Program

37:29 The Transformational Impact of the Fellowship

38:51 The Importance of Self-Care for Healthcare Providers

40:25 The Role of Community in the Fellowship Program

43:16 The Importance of Community for Healers

47:59 Defining Integrative Medicine

52:03 The Role of the Academy of Integrated Health and Medicine

59:16 The Future of Integrative and Whole Health

01:03:21 Advice for Aspiring Healers


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