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Experiencing Joy in Medicine

Experiencing Joy in Medicine

03rd Apr, 2024

Sensei Campbell and Ellison

This podcast episode delves into the principles of contemplative care, highlighting a recent study indicating that people can learn to release joy by honoring their suffering. It features interviews with Chodo Robert Campbell Sensai and Koshin Paley Ellison Sensai, founders of the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care, discussing their mission to transform healthcare culture through compassion, wisdom, education, and Zen practice. The discussion covers the importance of community, dealing with the three poisons (greed, resentment, and delusion), and the concept of equanimity in facing the suffering inherent in healthcare. It concludes with insights on the preciousness of life, even in the face of death, and how contemplative practices can support healers in reconnecting with their purpose and the joy of their work.

00:00 Unlocking Joy and Overcoming Burnout: A New Study Revealed

00:33 Introducing the Healers Council: A Journey into Wisdom and Healing

01:09 Spotlight on Contemplative Care: Meet the Pioneers

02:08 Exploring the Depths of Contemplative Care with Chodo and Koshin

12:19 The Essence of Precious Life Through the Lens of Contemplative Care

20:07 Fostering Fellowship and Addressing Burnout Among Healers

30:12 Navigating Shame and Regret: A Contemplative Approach

35:08 Exploring the Depths Beyond Shame

36:31 A Zen Approach to Pain and Discomfort

38:10 The Practice of Medicine and Contemplative Skills

39:22 Equanimity in the Face of Life’s Dualities

46:19 The Teachability of Contemplative Skills

51:20 Finding Joy and Beauty Amidst Suffering

58:08 Concluding Thoughts on Equanimity and Trust

01:05:28 Dedication and Reflections on Life’s Impermanence

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