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Edward Neal MD

Excavating Medical Wisdom of the Neijing Su Wen

Edward Neal MD

18th Sep, 2023

Join me as I embark on an enlightening journey with our esteemed guest, Edward Neal. MD Our conversation will challenge your understanding of modern science and healing as we unpack the wisdom in Francis Bacon’s quote, “Nature to be commanded must be obeyed.” With a rich background that includes studies at the Jung Institute in Zurich and as the founder of the Apricot Grove Project, Ed has dedicated his life to the exploration of wisdom in healing.

Listen in as we explore the intriguing concept of Jing Shen – the belief in a source or original destiny that propels us towards becoming a healer. This episode is filled with fascinating insights into the journey of a healer, the courage and curiosity it requires, and the pivotal role nature-based medicine plays in understanding ourselves, nature, and the process of healing. We also take a look at the concept of the wounded healer and how Francis Bacon’s quote can be applied to the work of healing.

As we wrap up our enlightening discussion, we reflect on the role of light in healing and identity, the power of ecological restoration, and the profound wisdom of healing. The final part of our conversation centers around the transformative power of storytelling, its ability to shape our reality, and the need to embrace transition. You’ll be inspired by our discussion on the importance of compassionate storytelling in our journey as healers.


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