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Lewis Mehl- Madrona MD PhD

Coyote Medicine and Two-Eyed Seeing

Lewis Mehl- Madrona MD PhD

25th Sep, 2023

Get ready for an intriguing and potent conversation as we sit down with the remarkable Lewis Mel Madrona MD PhD. We’re talking about a man with a wealth of knowledge in both allopathic and indigenous medicine, making him a fascinating blend of western education and indigenous wisdom. Lewis generously shares his experiences as part of the Wabanaki Public Health and Wellness Group and Acadia Hospital, while also introducing us to his brainchild, the Coyote Institute. Understand the deep symbology behind his choice of the coyote as a totem – a nod to his critique on corporate medicine and neoliberal capitalism, coupled with a healthy dose of humor. Brace yourselves as Lewis also talks about the unique challenges he faced when merging his indigenous healing practices into mainstream medicine.

Our conversation with Lewis takes a deeper plunge into the realm of healing as he shares his journey within Native American healing traditions. Hear about the healers or ‘Fixit People,’ as the Lakota call them, and how they bring about healing sans labels. With Lewis, we sift through the concept of healing as an activity that involves the entire community and the spiritual growth that is integral to becoming a healer. Get a rare insight into the workings of the Healers Council and the practice of healing camps. To wrap things up, Lewis takes us on an enlightening exploration of the intersections between neuroscience, the default mode network, and both physical and spiritual healing. So, gear up for an episode filled with inspiring dialogue and meaningful insights on the blend of allopathy and indigenous wisdom in healthcare.


Introduction and Background

The Role of Story in Healing

The Default Mode Network and Storytelling

The Power of Stories in Shaping Identity

Narrative Therapy and Changing Destructive Stories

The Influence of Stories on Beliefs and Perception

The Impact of Capitalism on Storytelling and Well-being

The Loss of Shared Narratives and the Impact on Wellness

Life Happens in the Space Between

The Indigenous Perspective on Nature and Narrative

Immediate Gratification and the Need for Anti-inflammatory Stories

The Role of Narrative in Alzheimer’s Disease

The Impact of Social Relationships on Brain Health

Working with Stories in Therapy

Using Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness to Shift Stories

Shifting Stories through Hypnosis and Guided Imagery

The Six-Part Story Method for Changing Narratives

The Power of Circles in Healing

The Transactional Nature of Healthcare and the Need for Relational Care

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