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Elliott Dacher M.D.

Beyond Mindfulness and into the Heart of Healing

Elliott Dacher M.D.

30th Jan, 2024

In this engaging exchange, Jim interviews Dr. Elliott Dacher, a physician who encourages medical professionals to practice medicine with heart, underlining the nobility of it. He explains how he transitioned from traditional medical practice to integral healing, foregrounding the importance of human flourishing in healthcare. According to him, the full scope of human flourishing includes serenity, natural wisdom, enduring happiness, self-compassion, and freedom from the known. Dr. Dacher emphasizes the individual’s development to bring rich compassion and care in healing and elaborates on the relevance of integral theory and self-cultivation techniques in the life of a medical professional.

00:00 Introduction to the Healers Council

00:57 Conversation with Elliot Dacher MD: A Physician’s Journey

02:12 Elliot’s Motivation to Become a Healer

04:09 The Evolution of Elliot’s Healing Practice

04:42 Elliot’s Transformational Journey to India

05:52 The Importance of Curiosity and Social Justice in Healing

06:36 The Lost Potential of Modern Medicine

09:17 Elliot’s Transition from Traditional Medicine

09:34 The Role of Community in Healing

10:11 Elliot’s Experience with Traditional Allopathic Medicine

10:34 The Shift to a More Patient-Centered Practice

11:37 The Teachable Moment in Disease and Illness

13:20 The Courage to Transition and the Stages of Change

14:46 The Call to a New Phase of Life and Healing

22:04 The In-Between Time and the Sacred Marriage

24:10 Rediscovering the Self Beyond the Healer’s Identity

25:19 Understanding the Essence of Self

25:38 The Struggle of Identity in Professional Health Schools

25:51 The Glimpse of Truth and the Source of Desire

26:59 The Ego Grind and the Habit of Identity

27:29 The Misconception of Ego and Identity

28:02 The Essence of Being and the Obscuration of Identity

28:47 The Return to Culture and the Embrace of Biomedicine

30:23 The Power of Presence in Healing

34:39 The Concept of Integral Healing

39:52 Understanding Human Flourishing

46:31 The Importance of Self-Cultivation in Healing

49:53 Advice for Aspiring Healers


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