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Robert Svoboda

Ayurveda and the Wisdom of Nature

Robert Svoboda

18th Sep, 2023

Join us for a fascinating exploration into the world of Ayurveda, as we are joined by Robert Svoboda, the first Westerner to be licensed as an Ayurvedic physician in India. Listen in as he takes us through his journey, from growing up on the Gulf Coast and Oklahoma, traversing Africa, landing in London and Nepal, and finally, arriving in India where he unexpectedly found himself studying the ancient medical tradition of Ayurveda. This episode takes you through his experiences, and the wealth of knowledge he has gathered over the years.

This engaging conversation ventures into discussions on the power of life, healing, the role of intention, and how Ayurveda aids the life force. Robert shares about the importance of shared intention in healing, and the crucial aspect of human connection. He discusses the importance of bringing ancient wisdom into urban healing, focusing on the concepts of philosophy and vision. He highlights the need for sustainability and discusses the potential danger of medical cultural appropriation.

In the latter part of the episode, Robert sheds light on the concept of Satsangha and its role in healing. We discuss the criticality of human interaction in the physical world, and the importance of a healer’s connection to the life force. Our conversation touches on the role of intuition and consciousness in healing, and the emerging field of interoception. The discussion wraps up with insights on addressing burnout, the impact of AI in healthcare, and the importance of building connections in the digital era. You don’t want to miss this rich and enlightening conversation with a truly wise healer!

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