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Kirsten DeLeo

Authentic Presence

Kirsten DeLeo

30th Jan, 2024

In this deep and thought-provoking conversation, host Jim engages with special guest Kirsten Deleo, a renowned spiritual caregiver and retreat leader, who has been dedicating her work to understanding and mastering the concept of authentic presence. Kirsten, a German by birth, brings the unique perspective of her experience working at the Dzogchen Berra Retreat Centre in Ireland. They explore the aspects of presence, how it plays a significant role in spiritual caregiving, its importance in the field of medical sciences and end of life care, and how it can be cultivated. Kirsten underlines various components of authentic presence including mindful awareness, compassionate intention, wisdom, and embodying these aspects. She also shares her experience and learnings from a three-year meditation retreat she attended.

01:41 Introduction and Kirsten DeLeo’s Background

04:34 Importance of presence

25:21 Insights into Wisdom and Healing


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