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Anne Cecil-Sterman

Anne Cecil-Sterman

26th Mar, 2024

Discovering the Doorways to Healing

This conversation between Jim Duffy and Anne Cecil-Sterman delves into profound insights on healing, acupuncture, and the essence of being a healer in the modern world. Anne shares her journey in classical Chinese medicine, mentored by Jeffrey Yuen, and discusses the ethos of healing beyond technical proficiency towards becoming thinkers and connectors with a deep understanding of the ancient and energetic principles of acupuncture. The discussion covers topics such as the importance of humility, the transformative power of treating without judgment, cultivating one’s spirit as a healer, and understanding the interconnected nature of our wellbeing. Ann also introduces her work at the Classical Medicine Academy, aimed at fostering a deeper connection and understanding of classical acupuncture practices among practitioners. The conversation highlights the potential of acupuncture to elicit healing by focusing on underlying conditions and the energetic balance within the body, fundamentally advocating for a wisdom-driven approach to health and healing in the 21st century.

00:00 Introduction and  Minor Technical Difficulties

00:45 The Importance of Thinking in Healing

01:34 Exploring Wisdom in Modern Medical Sciences

03:11 Introducing the Guest: Anne Cecil-Sterman

03:18 Anne’s Journey and Her Work in Acupuncture

04:50 The Art of Pulse Diagnosis and Classical Medicine Academy

05:48 The Wisdom Perspective of Healing

05:58 The Unique Teacher-Student Relationship in Healing

10:16 The Concept of ‘Transmission’ in Healing

12:39 The Role of Intuition and Trust in Healing

15:30 The Impact of Healing on the Healer

17:51 Understanding the Channels in Acupuncture

21:43 The Role of Blood and Fluids in Healing

28:44 The Importance of Understanding Patient’s Narratives

42:56 Understanding Emotions and Their Impact on Health

45:00 The Role of Emotions in Disease Development

45:15 The Power of Questions and the Search for Answers

46:18 The Significance of Tears and Emotional Release

47:39 The Journey of Healing and Transformation

48:30 The Role of the Practitioner in the Healing Process

49:16 Understanding Healing Crises

51:13 The Importance of Trust in the Patient-Practitioner Relationship

52:15 The Impact of Beliefs on Health and Healing

52:57 Exploring the Purpose and Power of Meditation

54:43 The Role of Empathy and Connection in Healing

55:07 Understanding the Spirit in Healing

57:24 The Importance of Humility in the Healing Process

01:07:40 The Power of Pulse Diagnosis in Healing

01:13:14 The Role of Self-Cultivation in Healing

01:15:31 Exploring New Approaches to Healing

01:19:36 The Future of Healing and Medicine

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