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Peter Fairfield LAc

A Life in Search of Medical Wisdom

Peter Fairfield LAc

30th Jan, 2024

A Life in Search of Medical Wisdom : A Conversation with Peter Fairfield LAc

In this discussion, Peter Fairfield, renowned acupuncturist and medical intuitive, is characterized by his ability to blend traditional wisdom with contemporary relevance. The conversation examines the complexity of medicine and healing, emphasizing the significance of emotional, spiritual, and personal development in becoming a successful healer. Fairfield explains the essential nature of empathy and understanding in building a healer-patient relationship rather than simply relying on facts and figures. Furthermore, the dialogue underlines the importance of acknowledging ancestral lineages in shaping the healer’s work. Fairfield shares insights about the human heart’s role in health and intuition’s integral role in the healing practice. He stresses the importance of authenticity and self-compassion among healers while unearthing the importance of intuition in their practice.

00:00 Introduction to the Healer’s Journey

00:59 The Power of Ancestral Influence

01:51 Guest Introduction: Peter Fairfield L.Ac.

06:36 Peter’s Journey into Healing

09:59 The Role of Spirituality in Healing

20:37 The Impact of Ancestral Lineage on Healing

23:38 The Importance of Self-Understanding for Healers

26:34 The Influence of Modern Medicine on Healing

29:52 The Role of Emotion and Connection in Healing

34:24 The Need for Personal Discovery in Healing

35:10 Expressing Discontent and the Basis of Healing

35:48 The Power of Heart and Kitten Therapy

36:34 The Healer’s Council and the Concept of Heart

38:18 The Human Heart Beyond a Pump

38:39 The Heart in Chinese Medicine

41:28 Understanding and Forgiving the Pain in Others

44:27 The Role of Healers in Shifting Pain Cycles

48:14 The Importance of Self-Compassion for Healers

50:31 The Power of Pulse Diagnosis

59:20 The Role of Intuition in Healing

01:07:17 The Impact of Healers on Patients

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